Istanbul ~ Day 2

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We started our second day in Istanbul by visiting the Blue Mosque, otherwise known as Sultan Ahmet Mosque. Entry is free and it really is a place of beauty.

After, we decided to walk to the Grand Bazaar. On the way we decided to get some ice cream, which was exquisite! I was surprised to find that the Bazaar was actually quite empty, as I was expecting it to be rammed full of people. Here i bought myself a Turkish lamp for 15TL, and my friend bought a rug.


For lunch, we went to a shop just outside of the bazaar which sold falafel wraps, and as a huge lover of falafel I could not resist.

After this we walked back slowly to our hostel and got ready for the evening. We decided to go back to the same area we went the night before for dinner, but before we ate we wanted to try another pass time which is available in abundance in this city, Shisha.

For dinner, we went to another restaurant off of Istaklal Cd, and asked for the veggie plate. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but a plate of grilled vegetables on its own was perhaps not it. I probably should have expected that it would literally be ‘a plate of vegetables’ from the name but for some reason it didn’t. However, the lack of a main was made better by our free chocolate brownie for dessert, that was part of our deal for eating in their restaurant in the first place.

After this we continued to wander around bars and then went home for a well earned sleep.



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