Sunday Eats: Mowgli

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I’ve decided to start a weekly blog post about my favourite places to eat in my Uni home of Manchester! I am a massive foodie, like, I literally live for my next meal! As a vegetarian, Manchester is an amazing city to live in as there are so many places that offer amazing veggie meals, rather than the bog-standard bean burger which a lot of places seem to offer.

So, to kick off my new installment I want to talk about a new place that I visited last week in the heart of the city. Mowgli is an Indian street food restaurant, situated ideally in the Corn Exchange. As we went on  Saturday night, we were told there would be about an hours wait, but after half an hour we got a call to say our table was ready! All of the staff were very friendly and attentive.

The menu had no set order, and the dishes arrive at different times as it is cooked fresh and then brought straight to your table. It was kind of like Indian Tapas, and we both ended up choosing 3 dishes. I ordered the Mowgli chip butty, temple dahl and puri, and Marcus ordered sticky wings, a chicken curry and basmati rice (we shared the puri and the rice). Although the portion sizes are smaller due to the nature of the menu, they were deceptively filling, I couldn’t finish all of my meal, and I was ravenous!

Everything I ate was delicious, the chip butty was absolutely divine! I love Indian food, but this wasn’t like anything i’d ever tried before from a takeaway and as soon as I left i wanted to go back in and try some more! I will definitely be visiting again!

As well as in Manchester, there are also two Mowgli’s in Liverpool, so if you’re ever in the North-West you should definitely check it out!


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