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Exciting Times Ahead…

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So the countdown really is on for my upcoming adventure! The whole reason why I decided to take a year out after graduating was so that I could go travelling. I’ve been working full time and saving up until now, and it’s now under a month until I jet off!

Where am I going I hear you ask? Well, first of all I’m gong to India for a month, New Delhi specifically, and then I’m heading to Vietnam and Cambodia.

New Delhi

I am heading to Delhi to go and volunteer, but my first week will be spent sight seeing, adjusting to the culture change and trying to learn some Hindi! After, I will spend three weeks teaching children English. I’m getting really excited now, but with this also comes the realisation that i’m actually going, which is absolutely terrifying! I’ve never travelled solo before which is a bit daunting but something that I’ve always wanted to do and so I think it will be good for me, whether I love it or hate it, at least I’ll have tried! India is always somewhere that’s fascinated me and I’m so excited for all of my senses to be battered, not to mention the FOOD! I’m only volunteering Monday to Friday which means that I get the weekends to travel around so I’m hoping I’ll also get the chance to see a bit more of India.

Vietnam and Cambodia

After my month in India, I will then fly to Hanoi to start the next leg of my adventure, and will be joined by my boyfriend, Marcus. We then have a month of travelling around and taking in everything that these two countries have to offer. The plan is to start at the top of Vietnam, travel down to Ho Chi Minh, cross in Cambodia and end our journey in Siem Reap. I’ve never been to Asia before and so am excited to start exploring a new continent! I’ve also never been away where I literally have nothing booked except for flights. I’m super excited but I also know that I can be a bit of a stress head and like everything to be organised so I’m sure it’ll be a bit challenging at times but I’m so ready to go now. And, again, the food!

My plan is to keep my blog as updated as possible within the constraints of limited wi-fi and lack of laptop! I will shortly be posting about what I’m going to take with me, so if anybody has some advice then it will be greatly appreciated! Also, if any of you have ever backpacked around these places, where would you recommend?

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