Top 10 things to do in Rome

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Ah Roma! The capital city of Italy and one of the most romantic places in the world, full of history, culture and amazing food! There are so many things to do in this ancient place that it won’t all possibly fit in one blog post, but if you are heading then make sure you experience these ten things! As they say, when in Rome…

1.Be in awe at one of the Seven Wonders of the World

Go back in time to the days of the Gladiators by taking a tour around the Colosseum. You can almost hear the shouts of the crowds. Whilst you’re here, also take a visit to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill as all three can be combined into one ticket! To skip the queues for the Colosseum buy your tickets at the Roman Forum.


2. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

Legend has it that if you throw a coin into the fountain over your shoulder then you will surely return to this beautiful city.


3. Pantheon

Soak up some history in this old Roman temple, now a church which is home to the tombs of ancient Italian kings. Don’t forget to look up when you enter, where you’ll see a round hole in the roof which illuminates the building.


4. Climb the Spanish Steps

A great example of Roman Baroque Style, these 138 steps  are a great place to sit down, soak up the atmosphere and people watch. To the side of the steps, you’ll find the Keats-Shelley memorial museum, which is one of Rome’s excellent under-the-radar museums.

spanish teps 2

5. Eat gelato

Italy is all about the food, so it would be rude not to indulge in some ice-cream. Why not try Gelateria del Teatro, located in the centre of Rome.

ice cream.jpg

6. Visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

As the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome, it is definitely worth a visit. Situated in the middle of quite a busy road, the contrast between the old Rome and the modern world is very interesting to see.


7. Take a stroll around Villa Borghese

Take a break from the city and take a stroll around the gardens, or even hire a bike. From here you also have a good vantage point over the city and have panoramic views of it’s major attractions.


8. Vatican City

Spend a day in Vatican City. Explore Saint Peter’s Cathedral and marvel in the sheer size of it. Don’t forget to visit the Vatican Museums, home to the Sistine Chapel.


9. Spend an evening in Trastavere

Experience a different side to Rome in Trastevere with it’s hip, bohemian atmosphere. It’s very popular in the evening so come along for cocktails!


10. Take in the essence of old Rome in the Piazza Navona

This oval-shaped piazza is lined with restaurants, gelaterias and souvenir shops and is a great place to have a wander around and immerse yourself in the culture.



Have you ever been to Rome? Let me know what your top things to do are!


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