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Travel Tips for Broke Students

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With summer fast approaching, the temptation to start booking holidays gets stronger and stronger. But what if you’ve spent the majority of your student loan? Have no fear; there are a whole range of tips and tricks that can make a holiday this summer affordable, even on a student budget.

Compare cheap flights

Especially for city breaks, it is often far cheaper to book your flights and hotels separately. Use a sight like skyscanner to find the best deals to fly to your chosen destination. If the cheapest UK airport is London, which it undoubtedly is most of the time, weigh up if it’s cheaper to get a train/coach to fly from there instead of forking out extra pounds to fly from your local airport.

Hand luggage only

Why pay for extra baggage if you can fit it all in hand luggage for free? Invest in a cabin case and take a lesson or two in how to pack efficiently and you’ll save yourself some extra pennies. It also reduces wait in the airport as you don’t have to check your bags in or wait for them when you arrive in your next destination. It’s a win-win!

Student discounts

Take full advantage of student discounts on entrance tickets for tourist attractions. You will be surprised by just how many place offer deals for concessions and students, whether its museums, galleries or the theatre. Either have a look online before you visit or just ask when you’re at the attraction, there’s no harm in trying.

Skimp on accommodation

Wherever you choose to visit, the likelihood is that you will literally only use your accommodation for sleeping. Use sites like Hostelworld to find cheap hostels in your chosen city, with many places offering dorms for bargain prices! Besides, staying in hostels is a great way to meet new people and make friends. Don’t fancy sharing? usually has good deals for private rooms. Travelling solo? is a website where locals offer their sofas for you to sleep on for free and is a great way to meet new people and get inside knowledge of the city you’re visiting.

High Season

The long summer break just got better. Being a uni student means that you are able to book your holidays out of high season either before or after schools break up. By choosing to go away in June or September, travel and accommodation is often far cheaper. Plus, there will be far less tourists and families, meaning that you can explore without having to fight through crowds or queue for hours.

Look for free events

Most cities will have free events on especially in summer, or have free historic sites or landmarks that you can have a look around. Ask at your hotel/hostel for advice on free or cheap places to visit, or look online if there are any free festivals on when you’re there.

Train travel

If you fancy conquering a couple of cities this summer, consider train or coach travel instead of flying. Getting around Europe by train has been made considerably easier with the aid of the interrail pass, with passes ranging from a few days to unlimited travel within a month. Either coaches or trains are great if you want to see more than just one city on the cheap. Also, consider booking sleeper trains so that you don’t waste any valuable exploring time, whilst saving paying for a night of accommodation.

So there you have it. There are plenty of ways to make travel affordable this summer, so what have you got to lose?


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