Top Ten Things to do in Berlin 

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Berlin is an amazing city, with a wealth of history to explore in the day and an electric nightlife. Here are the top things you need to experience if you ever find yourself here!

Museum island 

Spend a day soaking up Berlin history’s by exploring all 5 museums here. For a day ticket it costs only €8 for students and gives you access to all the museums. Even if you don’t go to all of the museums, it is well worth the money and could easily take you all day to look around them. 

Holocaust memorials 

The holocaust memorial to the murdered Jews is situated near the Brandenburg gate, and really is a sight to behold. It consists of concrete slabs that vary in size, and the ground gently slopes in waves, creating a disorientating effect as you walk through. Located nearby are also the memorials to the homosexuals and the Sinti and Roma. These memorials are important not to miss and reflect upon and remember those who suffered under the Nazi regime.

Topography of terror 

Free to enter, the Topography of Terror is an inside and outside museum that focuses on the role of the SS and police during the Nazi regime and the crimes that they committed. It is built on the old site of the SS Police Office and the Reich Security Main Office.


Brandenburg gate

An iconic Berlin landmark, you can’t really come to Berlin and not visit it. Get your camera ready!



Berlin’s nightlife is legendary. Whether you attempt to get into the Techno mecca that is Berghain, or go for a few drinks at Clarchens Ballhaus, there is something to suit everyone.



Fancy a tour of Germans government building? You’ll need to book this early on in your trip to guarantee your place. The glass dome represents Berlin’s attempt to move away from its past and move forward towards a united, democratic Germany.


Tiergarten Park

If you want to escape the bustle of the city, then head to Tiergarten, Berlin’s most popular inner-city park, which covers a whopping 210 hectares. Spend some time relaxing here, have a bite to eat or a stein of beer, or even visit the zoo.


Checkpoint Charlie

See another piece of history by visiting the Allied crossing point between East and West Berlin. Have a photo taken with US army actors, or simply take a look before moving on to your next destination


East side gallery

The east side gallery is an open air art gallery on a section of the berlin wall that separated east and west Berlin during the cold war. It is an international memorial to freedom and features many iconic art images. Spend a few hours walking up and down soaking in the history  and its relevance in todays society.

Berlin Cathedral 

One sight that is definitely worth the €7 (€5 for students) entrance fee is the Berlin Cathedral. Located on museum island, the interior itself is stunning, with a crypt underneath containing nearly 100 coffins. Perhaps its best feature is the view from the top of the dome, which allows for an amazing view over the city.


If you’re strapped for time when in this amazing city, consider taking a bike tour in order to soak up many of the city’s sites in a few hours! What other sites would you recommend to visit?


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