My Favourite Travel Pics 

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I love taking photos, i’m ashamed to admit it but i’m a little instagram obsessed. Travelling is one of the best opportunities to take picture in my opinion, and I love scrolling back through old travel photos and reliving my holidays.

chciehn itsa.jpg
Chichen Itza

This photo was taken in Mexico when my family and I went on holiday to Cancun. As a history lover, this was the place that I really wanted to go to the most. The picture may not be excellent quality, but I think this holiday was when my love for travelling and seeing other cultures really started.

Bergen, Norway

I like this picture because it shows both the pretty little Norwegian houses with the backdrop of its beautiful nature: the two things that I think sum of Bergen the best. It takes me back to chilly days walking up Mount Floyen, and warming up with a hot cup of coffee after.

parisienne houses.jpg
Houses on the Seine

I have had the pleasure of visiting Paris twice now, and I both times I have fallen in love with the architecture of the houses. There’s just something so romantic about them, and for me they embody Paris.

ali ben yousef.jpg
Hagia Sophia


My trip to Istanbul early last year was the first time that I had travelled (kinda) out of Europe. It was the first time that I’d heard the call to prayer and I loved experiencing a culture that was so different from my own. I love the grand architecture of the Hagia Sofia, and the fact that if I turned around from that spot I would have come face to face with the Blue Mosque!!

St Mark’s Square, Venice

I love this picture from the first day in Venice. It captures how truly busy St. Mark’s Square is (it’s pretty hectic). But the beauty of the old buildings still shines through. I like how St. Mark’s Bas


This final picture was taken whilst walking around the Bahia Palace in Marrakesh. I loved looking at all the different types of tiles that were in the Palace, it just feels so exotic as it is a world away from European style. I also like that in this picture, you can’t tell that my friends and I were all really struggling with the heat, whoever thought to go to Africa in August!!

So there we have it, my favourite travel photos! Looking back on old holiday pics always makes me excited to go on more adventures. It also reminds me that I am incredibly lucky to have experienced all of these places, and even more determined to see more of the world.


5 thoughts on “My Favourite Travel Pics 

  1. Nice pictures and nice memories! I have been to all those places, just Norway is missing, but it is so on my list. Thanks for sharing.
    What destination is up next?

      1. Oooooh, St. Petersburg! How wonderful. This is very much on top of my list. Enjoy!
        I am off to Chile next month. Should be neat too.

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