Lessons to take into 2017

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There are so many amazing things that I have experienced this year, from getting good grades at uni, travelling more than I ever have before and making and sustaining good friendships. But with every year I also have some not so pleasant memories, but there are some valuable lessons that I have learnt this past year that I want to try and take into consideration for the future.

Travel is possible 

2016 has been the year when I really started to realize that I can travel the world, albeit slowly and one city at a time. Some people may spend months or years travelling the world continuously, but for me at the moment, I have to be content with going on weekend and week long breaks to various places. I want to continue to find time and money to travel, whether this be overseas or looking closer to home to find travel opportunities.

Hard work pays off

When I first started university I felt like I was in way over my depth. However, now in my third and final year I am getting good grades and feel like I can do this, and am ready to work my socks off to come out the other end of degree well.

People Change

I have always been the person to try and hang onto friendships for as long as possible. I don’t like to give up on people that I consider to be my friend, especially if I have known them for a long time. However, this year I have come to realize that people change and you can drift apart from friend without even knowing it, and this is just a fact of life. I have accepted that this is in inevitable part of growing up, and will treasure the memories that me and past friends have had without carrying the guilt of old friendships around with me.

Let it go

I have a bad habit of clinging onto past mistakes or rethinking over conversations that turned sour. I’ve learnt that these things normally happen for a reason, and at the end of the day, you can’t change the past so there is no point torturing myself over them. By learning to live in the present hopefully I will appreciate the smaller things in life more rather than worrying about what happened in the past.


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