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Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

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As the British summertime slowly starts to creep back in, I can’t help but crave a holiday and reminisce previous ones. Last year I went to Maspalomas in Gran Canaria with my boyfriend for a lovely week of relaxing and eating yummy food! 

Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands situated off the coast of North-West Africa. We stayed in the Cordial Green Golf Bungalows in the area of Maspalomas which is on the Southern Coast of the Island. The accommodation was very spacious with a living area and kitchen downstairs and the bedroom and bathroom upstairs, which created the idea of having our own little house for a week. Additionally we also had our own downstairs patio with tables and chairs and a little balcony upstairs so we could sit outside without having to go down to the pool.
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Things to do

The Beach

Mini Golf

A staple of classic Brits abroad, is mini golf. Don’t ask me why, but on all of my family holidays growing up we always played mini golf. Maybe but not for everyone, but for me, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. We went to Playa del Ingles to have a game and explore have a few cocktails. 



Aqualand is the water park in Gran Canaria. There were plenty of different slides to go on, some scarier than others, I liked the lazy river. The only problem I found was that the ground was really hot so you either had to run around like a crazy person so your feet didn’t get burnt or wear flip flops and hope that they didn’t get nicked when you were on the rides. Also, you had to pay for the sunbeds, which we didn’t want to do as we weren’t going to use them, but it meant we didn’t really have anywhere to eat our packed lunch. Apart from this, it was a fun filled day out that made a nice change from going to the beach.


Ride a Camel

If you want to see the sand dunes in a different light, then travel by camel. You can just turn up and pay for a camel tour. Camels are a lot bigger than I originally thought and so it was a bit daunting, but a lot of fun!


Open air cinema

One of my personal highlights for something to do in the evening is the Moonlight Cinema, which is an open air cinema in Maspalomas which shows different films every evening. We had pizza, a bottle of wine and brownies to accompany our evening under the stars and it was a nice way to spend an evening cuddled up on a sofa.

The Sand Dunes 

Maspalomas is famous for its sand dunes… and it’s nudist beaches. But the sand dunes were lovely to have a walk around and also watch the sun go down at night.


Food always features a big part of my holidays, and as a vegetarian it is always a bit of a worry that I’m not going to find anything nice to eat. However, in Maspalomas there was a great variety of different restaurants on the sea front which all seemed to offer a good variety of meat-free food.

One of my personal favourite meals was a vegetarian paella that we ate whilst watching the sunset on the Maspalomas sea front. We also went to a Sushi-Mexican restaurant which was an intriguing idea and one that I personally loved.


For our first holiday together I feel like this was a perfect holiday destination. There was enough to do to fill our time for a week and plenty of relaxation. I definitely would recommend Gran Canaria for a week away as it really is a lovely place.

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Any questions just ask away

Hannah xo

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