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So after having started this blog in 2013 after traveling to Poland, I let it lay dormant for three years whilst I concentrated on my studies and just got caught up in life. However, I feel as if I am finally starting to fulfill my dream of travelling the world one tiny step at a time, and so starting my blog back up would be a fun way of jotting down my adventures. So hello dear reader! My name is Hannah and I hope you enjoy browsing through my travels.

Sometimes when I think of all the places that I want to go to (literally everywhere) I get a little freaked out as the world is so big and life can get very hectic at times. Anybody else feel this?

But I am determined to cover as much of the earth’s surface as possible, and here are my top destinations that I want to visit in (hopefully) the very near future!

  • Trek the Inca Trail, Peru

This is the one big big thing that I really want to in the near future. I’m not a particularly active person but I do enjoy a good hike in the peak district near when I live in rainy England, and i feel like doing the Inca Trail would give me that feeling of content x100. The idea of coming to the end of the trail and looking over Machu Picchu just sounds absolutely wonderful to me. So yes, definitely number one on my list!

  • Venice

As of July this dream is going to become a reality, all being well, as me and the boyf are jetting off to tour Italy this summer! Having never been to the land of pizza I am extremely excited to revel in their glorious wines and culinary delights! Venice has always seemed magical to me as I really can’t imagine living in a world surrounding by water, especially as Leicester is completely landlocked.

  • Marrakech

As much as I love Europe, I really want to try and broaden my horizons and look beyond my lovely continent, and Morocco seems like the perfect choice! Drinking mint tea and exploring the souks is something I really would like to experience

  • Bali

As much as I really do enjoy exploring cities and taking in other cultures, sometimes I just want to be able to relax, soak in the sun and have a good rest. And where better to do this on a beautiful island surrounded by tropical jungle and amazing views?

  • Berlin

And back to Europe we go! Berlin has always seemed fascinating to me, especially as a history student who mainly studies 20th century European history! Its vast history means that the museums there are fab, and i’ve heard the nightlife is pretty happening too…

  • New Zealand

Those who know me will vouch for the fact that I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan. So much so that one of my friends contemplated getting me hobbit slippers for my 18th birthday! I would love to go and pretend I was in the Shire for a day, I would take it very seriously (not even joking).

  • Thailand

And finally, Thailand. The East has always seemed very exotic to me and Thailand seems like it would be a great place to get a glimpse of it. As well as admiring all things cultural, I would also love to go to a full moon party (I am just your average 20 year old after all).


So there you have it! My incredibly edited down bucket list as nobody wants to read a list of every single place in the world…

However, if you do want to check out a slightly longer list you can check out my listography here

or here


So what about you? Whats on your bucket list?

Hannah xo


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